Almost all team members have traveled to Bali several times and mostly for a longer period of time. The reasons for this are manifold.
Deep relaxation during yoga, underwater experiences while diving or simply enjoying the exotic nature and wildlife and the different culture and religion. We all have learned to love Bali and that connects us.

But there is something else essential we all have seen on Bali: the necessity to support and help.
So that what is worth protecting can also be preserved in the long term.


Managing Director and expert on data protection
Department: Economics and Recycling

“I want to share my ideas with the world and make a difference.”

As a consultant, I optimise processes in companies. Privately, I am also a product developer and programmer. It’s time to look beyond my own horizon and turn responsibility into action.


Industrial clerc, fresh air junkie, nature lover and diver
Department: Nature conservation

“Everyone is basically looking for a fulfilling life task. For me, it’s this project, because it combines everything that counts in life.”

With optimism and positive energy, I want to create a greater understanding of the relationship between humans, animals and nature.


International Marketing Specialist, PR Strategy
Department: Marketing

“Every day, the world shows itself from its best side. Now let’s make that vision a reality.”

My job in marketing is diverse and fulfilling. All the nicer when I can use my skills for the POI project and do something good.


Sales specialist, yoga and diving instructor
Department: Operational PR

“Together we can do anything!
If I lead the way, many will follow.”

My motivation is to create more awareness for sustainability among people. The Ocean Clean-Ups as a Divemaster in Bali opened my eyes. Now I am fighting against the garbage problem in the water and on land.

You are interested in Yoga? Take a look: www.nandinyoga.de


Business IT Scientist
Department: Creative team, texts and music

 “Breaking new ground without blindly following!” 

I am excited about the goals of the project and the energy in the team. Building something new in another country is extremely challenging and that’s what makes it so appealing to me.


Entrepreneur and financial specialist
Department: Social Affairs

“I’ve been so lucky in life!
Now I want to give something back!”

I had the idea to move my life from Germany to Bali for a very long time. Now I can finally realize it and support my new home as part of POI.

On this page not all members of our team are listed, because not all have agreed to the publication.
This is voluntary and not compulsory. If you want to see your picture here,
please inform yourself about a possible collaboration with us in the team.

Please note that so far your participation in the POI project is voluntary and unpaid.
All members help out of conviction as much as they want and can. We respect the decision of each individual.

Many THANKS to all who are already supporting us!
And of course a big THANK YOU to our team: without you we could not move anything!