You want to make a difference,
but don’t know where
to start?


Because the project lives from cooperation and the contribution of each individual!

POI lives on people and their initiative. And so everything stands and falls with the competence and motivation of our members.
For the realization of the POI vision we need more people with expertise who are willing to share their knowledge.
POI depends on your cooperation!

Mitarbeit, junge Männer am Tisch beim Arbeiten, Restaurant
You feel like
  • to do something good on your vacation or in your free time
  • to help people and animals
  • to impart knowledge
  • to do something for nature
Then contact us! Join POI!

We will check need, feasibility and availability.

Every contribution from and for POI is a kind of non-profit performance. Basically we are NOT interested in secrecy and profit maximization.


Of course, by convincing us about yourself!

Here we advertise all positions that are currently vacant or will become relevant in the future. We also gladly accept unsolicited applications.
We are not at all interested in an impeccable CV, but rather in your motivation and in which area you see yourself.

As already mentioned on other pages, every cooperation for POI is (still) free of charge and a matter of the heart!

Please understand that the processing and answering of your applications may take some time. Because even our planning team works for POI only in their spare time. We guarantee to take care of every request and take every person seriously. However, this takes a lot of time.

Social Media AssistentExperience with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedINCreation, copywriting and social media engagement of weekly posts
as per editorial schedule. Meeting participation.
ProgrammerBasic knowledge about HTML, Java and websitesCreation of a website with data interfaces, integration of graphics.
Conservation expertEducation or studies (conservation, biology or similar)Research and analysis activities. Establishment of contacts with other nature conservation organizations. External correspondence regarding nature conservation issues.

All information on data protection and the handling of applicant data can be found in our privacy policy.


Move with open eyes in your world!

If our project seems too far away for you, you can also make a difference in your world:

  • Pick up trash when you walk in nature
  • when buying products, look at what they are made of and whether the packaging can be reused several times
  • separate waste properly and try to recycle as much as possible
  • pass on your environmental awareness to the next generations, friends and family
  • dare to say something if trash ends up on the floor in your presence

We appreciate every step in a good direction. So if you have a great story about your recycling adventures, we’d love for you to share it!