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Environmental project for Bali, Indonesia

Nature protection, waste recycling, improvement
of the economic situation and support for the local

Welcome to POI

an holistic environmental project for Bali

The abbreviation POI stands for “Part Of It”. 
This illustrates that we are all a part of the same earth, but each of us leaves our own special footprint. And only you can decide how big it is! Out of the awareness of this responsibility and consequence our project POI was born. We have great visions and want to make a difference, no matter how small. We want to delight and inspire people to think outside the box like we do!

If you find yourself here and want to do something really meaningful, join our environmental project for Bali!
We are always looking for like-minded people who support us with energy, ideas and skills!

Together for our Future!

It all starts with a vision !
Explore our multi-stage approach for nature protection, recycling and economy enhancing and how we can support the lovable locals on Bali.

WE ARE Part Of It!

The motivation for each of us is quite individual. But we are all aiming for the same: A future worth living in – for humans, animals and everything between.
Get to know our team better!

BE Part Of It!

You are also part of the bigger picture!
This is our call to you to participate and make a difference. Support our project in the form of
collaboration, cooperation or donations.


The island of Bali – the vacation paradise of Indonesia – suffers extremely.
At the moment under Covid-19, but above all for years under tourism and garbage mountains.
A few years ago we traveled Thailand for the first time with a backpack and made our first diving experiences on Kho Tao and Kho Samui. But we also saw for the first time how natural paradises suffer from tourist overload. So much so that they ultimately offer neither residents nor visitors a perspective for survival or experience. This was our starting signal for rethinking and the beginning of the POI vision…

We want to prevent such a development for Bali at all costs.