The social area deals with the people on Bali
Background of the POI social area

The first day on the beach in Bali brought us a visit from some kids selling handmade jewelry and bamboo straws.
“It’s for School!” What seemed nice and friendly at first became a constant occurrence throughout the day.

Soziales indonesische Kinder in Klassenraum, Jungs und Mädchen in Schule, Klassenzimmer

After some research and conversation with our host, we learned that only the first four years of schooling in Bali are free. After that, each child has to pay once the equivalent of about 300,- € for uniform, books and materials. In addition, there are 4 years monthly fees of about 18, – €. The children of the not so wealthy families stock up the income of the family with the sales on the street. In the best case, they also finance their school education.

In many cases, however, the families cannot afford the school fees for their children. Thus, the children follow in their parents’ footsteps and leave school early. In order to enable the children of these families to continue their school education, we have founded the Social department.


Financing school fees for children  

Foundations already exist that deal exclusively with debt financing. However, the money received there is far from sufficient. But since setting up our own foundation in Indonesia is tantamount to an act of impossibility, we are taking a less bureaucratic approach. We have contact to teachers of some schools and fall back on their recommendations. In this way, we learn which children or families should be supported financially.


In order to make the distribution as fair as possible, we have to probe for other criteria. Such as the family’s income level, the acceptance of the donation and the educational path and the child’s learning ability. The payments are then made directly by us to the school without creating any further administrative burden.


1100,- € is needed for an Indonesian child to complete the school education. That means for POI, as soon as this amount is reached, we take over the complete school fees over 4 years for one child. That is 275,-€ per year.

For us 275,- € per year may not sound like a lot of money. But keep in mind that this is a marginal amount for us AND school education is free in our country! That alone should make you aware of our comfortable situation…


Educational offers for adults
General education trainings

We will offer general education training on our premises on a regular basis and free of charge.

This will include languages, natural sciences and also topics from everyday life such as occupational health and safety.

To make this possible, we are planning training rooms and a nature trail in the conservation zone.

Further education and training

We want to provide adults with additional knowledge to increase their quality of life and environmental awareness. In the future, courses on technical topics such as solar technology, construction and programming are also planned.
These trainings should take place regularly. For this purpose, some POI members are already diligently learning Indonesian! Topics will be taught for which we have an Indonesian-speaking instructor.
The following topics are planned so far: