Biodiversity instead of deforestation and plantation construction

The restoration and maintenance of healthy flora and fauna above and below water is our most important goal.

We will realize the topic of nature together with already existing organizations, the population and the government. Additionally we are also bringing in companies from the region and hope for many volunteers. In the future, POI will act as a network, organizer and financier.

In order to organize the whole thing in a structured way and to make it usable for everyone, we are already planning a website on which the division of the land and coastal sections will be shown. Various information about the individual areas will be listed there, such as the date of the next clean-up and corresponding registration options. Likewise, data on the collected garbage and the current condition of the individual zones are announced. Because the goal is to provide all these data and resources free of charge.
We firmly believe that the future lies in information sharing, not secrecy!

To maximize our reach, this site – just like our homepage – will be translated into as many languages as possible.
This will allow us to help other places implement conservation projects in the future.

Land and water cleanup

To make the most of our opportunities, we plan a strategic grid division of the individual land and coastal sections on Bali. With the help of Beach- or Ocean-Clean-Ups we free these successively from garbage. The cleaned areas are checked regularly and reassessed to determine whether cleaning is necessary again. Since rivers are a major source of waste for the sea and nature, we are also planning to install interceptor nets at sensible locations. Following the example of the Interceptor!

Rainforest renaturation

Together with the government we will declare an area a protected zone and apply for a rainforest concession. This zone will then be renaturalized and reforested to re-establish natural rainforest where native animals can find shelter.

Protection and education

Together with the local population we will monitor the protected areas to prevent illegal hunting and dumping of garbage.

In addition, a nature trail will be created for education and training. In this way, we will increase understanding and acceptance among the people from the region and also among tourists.

Establishment of native species

Settlement and protection

The targeted establishment and propagation of endangered native wildlife is a primary focus of POI. With the protected environment of a preserve, we anticipate growing populations. With this example we want to show the locals that your nature is worth protecting. Because the transfer of knowledge and respect for the symbiosis of man, animal and nature is very important to us.